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Were You Overcharged in Your Criminal Defense Fees?

When it comes to legal advice and representation, you often pay your lawyer an hourly rate for their services. While this will differ based on the experience and skills they have, the effort your case requires, and the length of time they’ll need to spend representing you. Despite this, there is a standard rate for most legal fees, which is regulated and can be challenged.

Lawyers have to provide information about the services they provide and how many hours they work for you, justifying the full expenses you need to pay for their legal fees. While it does alter based on the litigant, it is supposed to be fair so that justice can be carried out. Lawyers must provide their clients evidence of the services they’ve done based on the fees they’ve accrued.

If you think that you were overcharged for your criminal defense fees, you may be able to get compensation. Legal Bills Ontario offers assessment services to both individuals and companies that think they may have overpaid for the legal council they received.

We specialize in family law, civil litigation, and criminal defense cases to help make sure people are given fair legal representation for the cost.

The Law of Costs for Criminal Defense Fees

The law of costs is the concept that legal representation should be at a fair and reasonable cost to those that need it. Not only does this ensure that it’s accessible, but also upholds the integrity of legal officials and the legal system. For the most part, this is achieved through price fixing.

The law stipulates that costs should be fair according to the services that you receive. This means that even when services are of a certain cost to the litigant, you may not have to pay this cost.

Instead, you’re responsible for paying what is fair and reasonable according to the services you receive. This helps protect individuals and companies while also ensuring that the legal system functions properly and fairly. If you think that this may apply to you, contact us to get quality support for your legal fees.

When You Can Request An Assessment

When you’re a legal client, you have a number of ways that you are able to seek compensation and request an assessment of your legal fees. The first is under Section 3 of the Solicitors Act, which says that a client can request the delivery and assessment of the solicitor’s bill if they haven’t received it or for a bill that has been delivered within a period of one month.

Under Section 4 of the Solicitors Act, special circumstances can give you more time than these limitations with the approval of a court or judge. If you think there are special circumstances that would qualify you for legal support, you could get compensation. A professional team is the best way of making sure that you good a quality assessment and process a request.

criminal defense fees

Contingency Fees

The Solicitors Act does account for contingency fees and how they work between solicitors and clients. As part of the legislation (Section 28.1(3)), solicitors that are retained for family law matters or proceedings under the Criminal Code of Canada, contingency fee agreements are not allowed.

When it comes to criminal litigation cases, fees that are payment of a percentage of the property recovered in the case that could be interpreted as a contingency fee would not be allowed. Assessment officers would not allow this. If you think you may have been charged a fee that is actually a contingency fee in disguise, we can help you get compensation.

Evidence is the Solicitor’s Responsibility

When it comes to these cases, it is not up to you to defend yourself; it’s up to the litigator to prove the fees are fair and reasonable for the services they get. The process is typically in the form of a trial, with evidence being brought forward under oath.

Lawyers are expected to be present and to provide evidence as to the services they provided and the fees charged. The client is not expected to testify; the litigant must prove the fees they charged were fair and reasonable given the services they provided.

Free Review and Consultation for Your Criminal Defense Fees

If you could have been overcharged for your legal fees, you may be able to get compensation. To find out more about how a professional service can help you, contact us today at Legal Bills Ontario. We specialize in cases where individuals and companies may have been charged more than they should have been for their legal fees.

We can help make sure that you have the support and information you need. We’ll give you a free review of your legal bills by a senior civil litigation lawyer, who will make sure that the criminal defense fees you’ve accrued are fair and reasonable given the services you’ve received.