Legal Bills Ontario

At Legal Bills Ontario it’s our mission to make sure that we are able to reverse our clients negative views towards the legal system, by helping them resolve higher than normal legal bills. We understand that your trust in your lawyer may have been shaken in this process after you received a legal bill which was higher than discussed or expected. We are here to go through these charges and make sure that they’re reasonable and fair for our clients.

 What We Do

In this day and age it’s becoming more common for a lawyer or paralegal to charge more than they are entitled to. Since most law professionals work on an hourly basis it’s tempting for them to claim to do more work than they have or to charge more for things like clerical work. For those who aren’t familiar with these kinds of proceedings, they may be surprised later by the bill which they receive from their attorney and it’s for this reason that we do what we do.

We cover many different legal bills and cases. A few of the legal bills we review were mentioned above like family law, civil litigation and criminal defence bills. Our staff is knowledgeable about the law relating to lawyer’s fees and it’s because of our knowledge that we are able to successfully help many clients obtain substantial refunds on their legal fees from their lawyers.

Legal Bills Ontario was started to help people who are being unfairly charged by the person they trusted to handle their legal rights. We feel that just because a client has agreed to the terms of their lawyer being paid an hourly rate does not give that lawyer the right to abuse it. We use the assessment process provided by the Province of Ontario to determine whether or not you have received an unfair legal bill. This is the tool which helps us determine whether or not the charges you’re fighting on your bill are accurate or unfair.

All of our legal bill reviews are free because we agree with two things. The first is that everyone has the right to legal counsel and that they should seek legal counsel before entering into any serious matter such as civil litigation or family disputes, etc. The other is that no one deserves to be taken advantage of by that legal counsel. It’s their job to represent you to the best of their ability and to provide you with a full breakdown of budget and any other fee’s which may occur during the legal process.